About Deviant Hearts

"Yes, I knew that fate beckoned me onward. I knew I was wanted. I knew I was needed. And I knew what I was doing when I turned away and ran."

Perhaps he was the sanest of us all. Deep down, maybe we all knew that he was merely giving in to what we all felt. Did we not all have deviant hearts?

Deviant Hearts is the culmination of years of unpracticed theory. It is an RPG, but it is more than an RPG. It is my hopes and dreams...

Produced with the OHRRPGCE, Deviant Hearts aims to be a masterpiece. Mediocrity is not an option. For each element in the game, the author asks, "What makes this superior to its counterpart in a comparable commercial game?" If the question has no answer, that element is redone or thrown out.

Ability System

Each character in Deviant Hearts has a unique ability learning system. Most characters learn abilities as they gain Ability Points, based on the currently equipped weapon, as, for example, in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

However, careful planning is required of the player in ability selection: newly learned abilities are placed in the first available ability slot. Will you put off learning abilities early on so that a more powerful ability can be placed on a lower Power Level? Will you learn a less useful ability now so that two useful abilities do not share the same Power Level?


Each character also starts out with one Overpower, an extremely powerful ability, and can gain more Overpowers as the game progresses. Characters' health and Overpower recharge after each battle, but their Power Levels do not. Swapping a character out of your party will let him or her heal more quickly, but he or she will gain no Ability Points while resting.

Judicious use of Overpowers will keep your characters from exhausting their Power Levels too quickly. Relying too heavily on them may drain your entire party of Overpower when they need it most.

"Did we not all have deviant hearts?"

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