James     Holy Knight
James has devoted his life to swordsmanship so that he can serve as a protecter for the causes he feels are just. His impulsiveness often leads him to make rash decisions.
Liesa     Sorceress
Married to James, Liesa is a master of the magical arts. She is strong-willed and fearless, yet compassionate as well.
Baram     Ninja
Having gained James and Liesa's trust, Baram goes along with them to battle Archeantus. He hides his apprehension, for even the "fastest man in the world" cannot run from his fears forever.
Archeantus     Dark Master
His purposes unknown, Archeantus is a complete mystery to all. Where did he come from and why does he threaten the planet?
Alyssa     Illusionist
When the Eye of Truth shows Alyssa the battle between James and Archeantus, she fears the worst. Independent and arrogant, Alyssa nonetheless decides to lend her powers to the cause.
Sasha     Swordmaster
Daughter of James and Liesa, Sasha is told nothing about their assault on Archeantus until it becomes too late for her to do anything. Did her parents doubt her ability or were they trying to protect her?
Nathan     Elementalist
Sasha's childhood friend, Nathan has been separated from her for years. The day he sees her again changes his life forever.
Wade     Soul Mage
Wade's friendship with Nathan costs him more than he could have possibly expected. At the center of it all is Sasha. Wade is about to discover what it means to be a true friend.
Clara     Healer
Clara's oath as a healer binds her to help those in need, but when she is forced to decide whether one life is more valuable than another, she finds she must re-evaluate her moral code.