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Reminiscence Sasha and Nathan remember their past and think of how it has led them to cross paths again.
Haunted The quiet of the forest belies the abundant life therein.
Battle Life and death are always on the line for those who take destiny into their own hands.
Fierce Battle "I was afraid for my life. Even now, I count myself lucky to have survived the encounter."
Wandering Hearts With no place they can call home, they travel the world.
Compassion "Don't lose hope! We still have each other."
Winds of Freedom The wind in one's hair, the spirit of courage, the feeling of freedom: all are signs of better days ahead.
The Lazy Pianist Rushing into dangerous territory is perhaps a little like playing the piano with a blindfold.
Revolution The desire for life must outweigh the fear of death.
The Moment of Truth "Tell me, is it so important that you know? What would you give... if you could have the truth?"
The Lifeless "They're not living. They've never been. Alive, yes, but not living."
Deviant Hearts "Did we not all have deviant hearts?"